(1996) AMHA / AMHR 32.5"
Stouts Don Juan x Leopard Lady

Hawk is registered as a sorrel leopard appaloosa, however he is in fact a bay leopard. Hawk is the sire of Timberviews Simply Awesome -
National Top Ten, who is currently owned/standing at Timberview Farm. Hawk's ability/prepotency to produce sound, correct conformation
with fabulous color is no accident.  Hawk is intensively appaloosa bred and is the result of a 30 year miniature appaloosa breeding
program.  Hawk also passes on his sweet temperament and incredible soundness, which is very important to us.  He is just a love and is a
good boy in all situations. It is with great regret that we offer his stallion for sale but we are reducing our mares to only 8 and we are going
to take some time off from breeding for a while. Hawk is just too nice a boy to just wait in the wings on our farm. This is a rare opportunity to
purchase a proven leopard stallion of Hawks caliber!
(2000) AMHR 34"
R F Bars Tiny Surprise x Maplewoods Coco Puff

"Lacota" is a refined leopard mare with all of the Appy characteristics, right down to the striped hoofs.  Lacota is heavily appaloosa bred
and is line bred Tiny Tim, National Top 5 (Now Deceased).  She was on her way to AMHR Nationals when we bought her as a baby, but we
didn't have time to take her down.  Lacota will definitely add spots and beautiful conformation to any breeding program.  I believe her
pedigree is pure appaloosa with no pinto or even solids in her background.  She also has one of the prettiest heads around.
RJ’S Little Hawkeye x Everdream Farms Glory Bee

Cute little bay colt. He should mature around 30-31" and stay small. He has a good bite and straight legs. He may spot out with age.
Sells with a height guarantee.
(2000) AMHA / AMHR
Pretty Boys Mr Sandman x Echo Hills Sparkling Star

Black Appaloosa mare with blanket and spots.  "Lace" has Crescents, Hylands, and Hobby Horse in her pedigree.  Lace is heavily
Appaloosa bred, refined and such a sweetie.  Lace is open for 2006 because we did not breed her this year, she is guaranteed
breeding sound and is an excellent color producer. She is easy to catch, loves people and is a pleasure to have around. She will be
bred to Sulphuras Apache Sunset for a 2007 foal. This combination gave us a tiny snow cap in 2004.
(2001) AMHA / AMHR
Hobby Horses Apache King x 4 GS Midas Velvets Kitty

"Sue" has quickly become one of the farm favorites, with her curious and always nosy personality. You had better have a flake of hay
available if you want to get any chores done.  Sue is heavily appaloosa bred on both sides of her pedigree. Sue also has the refinement
and grace so sought after today. Sue is a very welcomed addition to our Appaloosa breeding program.
(1999) AMHA / AMHR 32.7"
Dell Teras Capn Jess x Chenterra Little Alice Wilson

Black, varnish roan appaloosa mare. Just a delicate little mare and very sweet. "Mary Alice has Dell Tera and Dels in her pedigree,
including several appaloosas. She has the look and pedigree to be a wonderful color producer, as well as correct conformation. She
complements her foals with her pretty features and appaloosa color. Her first foal was a loud blanket appaloosa, bred to a solid stallion.
Scott Creek Tattoo x Underwood farms Amazing Grace   

GORGEOUS 2005 Silver Dapple Pinto colt.  This boy will show and he knows it!  Very pretty Arabian head, refined, and tons of leg.   
He has a wonderful pedigree and is a Napoloen grandson.  His Granddam is Everdream Farms Glory Bee.  I really would like this
colt to go to a show home.
(2004) AMHR
Scott Creek Tattoo x Wee-Be-Color-Lakota-Sioux

Super refined black appaloosa filly, both Sire and Dam are Appaloosa. She is sure to spot out with age like her Dam did, who was
also born black. Monique has a lot of roaning and mottling as a yearling. This filly will show and is all legs. She is double bred Tiny
Tim (National Top Five) on her Dams side and she is a Little Kings Napoleon granddaughter on her Sires side.   Should mature
34-35".  Just gorgeous and a wonderful pedigree! Correct legs and bite.  This filly was Snowberry's pic to show for us in 2005, but
unfortunately, we just did not get things together in time. This filly could take somebody as far as they wanted to go in the show ring
and will be extremely competitive.  I want this filly shown!!!!!
(2005) AMHA / AMHR
Rocking K Kolors x Cross Creeks Mary Alice

Tiny Black appaloosa colt. Double appaloosa bred going back to Chianti and he will stay tiny. I do not think he will see 30" and has a
small background. He looks just like his sire in so many ways. He should be a downsizer and produce color. Just cute as a button
and he knows it. This is Kolor's first foal (now owned by Crooked Barn Farm) and I am so pleased with him!
(2005) AMHA / AMHR
Scott Creek Tattoo x Hylands Amber

Just the sweetest little dark buckskin filly. She wins the pesky foal award so far and is super friendly.  Pretty head and correct
conformation but her bite has gone off so she is being sold as a pet. She just loves people and would live in the house if you let her.
She is one that would be great for therapy work and has the calmest temperament. Good home with a companion mini of some kind
and experienced with horses a must!
(2005) AMHA / AMHR
Scott Creek Tattoo x Misty Rose Maria

Black and White Tovero filly, two sparkling blue eyes, probably homozygous and will definitely be a color producer for sure. Both
parents are black and white. She has everything going for her and will get noticed in the show ring. To top it off she is a Napoleon
granddaughter. I have kept Maria because of the incredible foals she throws by Tattoo and this filly is no exception. Homozygous
test pending.
(2005) AMHA / AMHR
RJ little Hawkeye x Moss Grove Sequoia

Black or Bay appaloosa filly. Loads of spots behind this little filly. There is a loud appy underneath that foal coat! She should do well
in the show ring and be an awesome color producer.  She is heavily appaloosa bred on both sides and both sire and dam are loud
appys. She is refined and elegant.
(2004 ) AMHA / AMHR
Sulphuras Apache Sunset x Everdream Farms Glory Bee

Silver near leopard appy filly, she is just wonderful! Out of a National producing dam. Everything her Dam throws is quality and this
filly is no exception! With color to boot!  Please check out our Stallion page to see her Sire. She has her Sire's refinement, and her
Dam's beauty. May mature over 34" by a small amount but she may stay under.  Her sire was full grown at her age and the dam
tends to throw large starting youngsters.  Either way a beautiful filly and very sound! Correct bite and legs.
(2004) AMHA / AMHR
Sulphuras Apache Sunset x Munch Ranch East Chantilly Lace

Black appaloosa, TRUE SNOWCAP colt. Wow, are we happy with this colt! "Toy" is going to be very tiny and will not see 30".  He
walked right under his Dam, (who is also small at 31") when he was born.  He has appaloosa on both sides of his pedigree going
back many generations, and the snowcap appaloosa pattern is believed to be homozygous for Appaloosa! He should be an
awesome color producer and has his Sire's refinement. His pedigree includes Sulphura, Hobby Horse, Stouts, Echo Hills,
Crescents, Hylands and Johnstons Happy Appy. Tiny, tiny, tiny!   Lots of well known and respected spots behind this colt :) He is
still well under 30" as a yearling.  Correct legs and bite.
(2004) AMHA / AMHR
Winners Circle Wampum x Derbytowns Picturesque

Just a cutie sired by National Top Ten and Honor Roll stallion, Winners Circle Wampum.  She looks like she will be a sorrel or
chestnut pintaloosa in color. Her Dam has Lucky Four and Derbytown breeding and is a granddaughter of Stouts Freckled Feather
and Bond Nemo. This filly has a wonderful pedigree top and bottom and is sure to be a wonderful broodmare or show horse for a
child or amateur. Just a doll, with a friendly people loving temperament to boot.   Correct legs and bite.
(2001)  AMHA / AMHR
Silverado Button Up (by Toy Horse Chieftan) x Misty Myo (by Chianti)

"Kolors" is a black, TRUE snowcap stallion.  The snowcap pattern is believed to be homozygous for appaloosa!  Kolors is by Silverado
Button Up, by Toy Horse Chieftan and out of Misty Myo, a Chianti daughter. Kolors is as remarkable as his pedigree and is under 30
inches. We are very excited about having this tiny stallion in our breeding program and the conformation, small size and loud color he
will give to his foals.  Stallions of this size, pedigree, conformation and color are few and far between!
Scott Creek Tattoo x Misty Rose Maria

Black Tovero colt. Two blue eyes.  This little man should be homozygous. Picture's say it all. He has presence, style, grace and attitude.
He is a Little Kings Napoleon Grandson and has inherited the Napoleon trot the bloodline is famous for. He has both testicles descended
and should be ready for a couple of mares this spring.  He will mature small and sells with a height guarantee. He is currently measures
31.5in 1/18/08.  Email for fuzzy winter pics.
Scott Creek Tattoo x Misty Rose Maria

Every year this cross seems to surprise me and 2007 has been no exception! Stunning, black and white, pintaloosa colt with all the chrome.
 This colt just can't fall apart and should be such a show stopper. Very refined, tons of leg and chiseled head. He has also inherited his sire
and dam's fancy trot. He is a "Napoleon" Grandson. He should only throw black-based foals when he matures. This colt needs to be shown!
If you want to hit the shows in 08 he will not disappoint! E-mail for winter fuzzy pics. He measured 29.5 on 1/18/08 and should mature
RJ Little Hawkeye x Derbytowns Picturesque

Adorable Bay leopard pintaloosa colt, with personality to match.  He loves people and is the first to greet anyone coming into his pasture.
His sire Hawk, is intensively appaloosa bred and his dam is also a loud colored appy. He should be a strong appaloosa color producer when
he matures. He is correct in every way and solid built like his sire. Grab him before I get too attached. I would expect him to mature around
30".  He is staying very small and is currently 27.5" on 1/18/08. He sells with a height guarantee. Email for fuzzy winter pics.
(1997) AMHA / AMHR 29.50"
Toyhorse Mighty Malcolm x Punkys Little Sue

"Maria" is a beautiful true black and white Pinto mare with two blue eyes.  Her foals speak for themselves and she has been an incredible
producer for us. Many of her foals have had blue eyes, tested homozygous and have overo color patterns.  I believe Maria to be
homozygous as well.  She has never thrown a solid, and has produced such a high percentage of homozygous tested foals.  All of Maria’s
foals have been black based. She also has a very fancy tail flagging trot for such a small mare.   She is an easy foaler and an excellent
mother to her babies.
Misty Rose Maria - 1997 Mare For Sale
Underwoods Misty Moon - 6/9/2009 Foal
JNR's Medicine Man x Underwoods Mandolin

Tiago is a striking appaloosa colt. He will make an awesome show colt and future herd sire. Tiago has a wonderful solid yet refined bone
structure and a neck that goes on for miles. He will be competitive in upper level shows. His sire has been a wonderful driving and halter
horse. Tiago has his sire's presence and winning attitude. He will be loud and even more eye catching in his summer show coat. He
should mature around 33" and be perfect for driving. His Dam is a Tattoo Daughter out of Hylands Kayia (leopard pintoloosa). He has
Appaloosa on both sides of his pedigree going back several generations. He should be a good color producer.
Underwoods Tiago - 2008 Colt For Sale
Underwoods Spectacular Tattoo - 2008 Colt For Sale
Scott Creek Tattoo x Sweetwater Speckles and Freckles

“Spectacular Tattoo” is a true black pinto colt with partial blue eyes. He is a beautiful mover and should be competitive at showing either
halter - or driving when older - at upper level shows. He has a full sister and brother that have done well on the show circuit. He is a
Napoleon grandson and definitely has that Napoleon trot and presence the line is famous for. I love his sire and this colt should follow in
his footsteps.
(2009) COLT
Scott Creek Tattoo x Misty Rose Maria

Underwoods Misty Moon, born 6/9/2009.  Was sold as part of Maria's package deal.