(1996) AMHA / AMHR 31.75 in.
Sweetwaters Lil Storm Cat x Sweetwaters Little Cheyenne

Chestnut leopard Appaloosa mare.  "Freckles" is Sweetwater bred and has Bond, Komokos, and Ohio's in her pedigree. Freckles is heavily Appaloosa bred
and has the most delicate features, including her dishy little head.  She passes on her refinement and class to all of her foals, who look like little carbon's of
their Dam.  Freckles is an incredible color producer and has never thrown a solid foal to my knowledge, the last 4 foals she has had for our farm have been
loud and stunning. We have retained Underwoods Madison for our breeding program and hope for more fillies in the future from this mare.
Some of Freckles' Foals
(1998) AMHA/AMHR 31.75 in.
Crescents Yachts Promo Uno x Hylands Pretty Desert Amber

"Amber" is a beautiful Palomino Pintaloosa mare.  She is Crescents and Hyland bred and has a strong Appaloosa background.  I have always admired this
mare when I went to visit Hyland Farm, and decided that I had to have her in my breeding program.  Amber has one blue eye and has had many show quality
foals.  She puts a long neck and exquisite head on every foal she has!  Below are pictures of what this mare produces.
Amber's daughter - owned by
Darkmoon Farm
(2003) AMHA / AMHR 32 in.
Scott Creek Tattoo x Hylands Kaiya

Bold black Appaloosa mare. Mandolin has appaloosa on both sides of her pedigree. She is sired by Scott Creek Tattoo son of Little Kings Napoleon and out
of Hylands Kaiya, a loud leopard pintaloosa. She has inherited the "Napoleon trot" and should color out more with age. Currently she has lots of frosting and
some mottling on her muzzle and eyes. We look forward to how this mare will enhance our breeding program. She is proving to be an excellent color
(2004) AMHA / AMHR 32 in.
Scott Creek Tattoo x Sweetwater Speckles & Freckles

Black appaloosa filly, absolutely elegant in every way.  She is refined with the most perfect little Arabian head and tea cup muzzle. She is a Napoleon
Granddaughter and has a wonderful pedigree with appaloosa top and bottom. Madison definitely ranks at the top of my herd and is one of the best mares on
the farm.  We will be keeping Madison for our breeding program  and I know her foals will be the best!
Underwoods Unnamed - 2009 Colt
Amber's daughter - Underwoods
Medicine Woman
Underwoods Medicine Woman - 2008 Filly
Underwoods Bee Spotted For Glory - 2010 Colt
Underwoods Medicine Cappie (2010) Colt
Underwoods Amber Sunset - 2010 Colt
Amber's colt - Underwoods Amber
Sunset  - leopard palomino
Mandolins 2010 colt - Underwoods
Bee Spotted For Glory
Madisons 2010 colt - Underwoods
Medicine Cappie
Star Bey Bee - 2008 Filly For Sale
Scott Creek Tattoo x Everdream Farms Glory Bee

"Star" is a very pretty bay appaloosa filly.  Her Dam was my favorite mare of all time that we unfortunately lost in 2010.  She had produced Nationally titled get
and was an exceptional mare.  I have kept several of her fillies over the years and Bee's '05 filly Mahogany Bey Bee is a twin to Star. Unfortunately, due to
past downsizing of our heard, STAR BEY BEE is the only offspring we have left from Everdream Farms Glory Bee.  Star has  appaloosa characteristics and
some spotting. She has an exotic head and is a sweetie to be around.  We will be excited  to see each and every one of her future foals and know  that she
will do justice to the legacy of  Everydream Farms Glory Bee.
(1999) AMHA / AMHR 34 in.
Carousel Fire Lance x Gambol Lynn Shady Lady

Cheyanna is a striking chestnut leopard appaloosa mare. She is double bred Broken Lance top and bottom and has a solid appaloosa pedigree top and
bottom. Wonderful pedigree for producing both good conformation and spots! She has had two of her foals exported; one to France and one to Canada. One
of her foals, Pleasant Views Hot Shot To be “Cash”, is currently on Pleasant View’s show string and has always done well for them. I have always admired
this mare when visiting Pleasant View farm. They have been breeding and showing for many years. We respect their breeding/showing program and
integrity. This mare has proven herself to be an incredible producer of both loud appaloosa color and show quality conformation.  We look forward to the
beautiful foals she will now produce for Underwood Farms. “Chey” has a pocket pet personality that makes her a joy to be around and is a favorite pet of our
daughter Stephanie.  
Pleasant View's Hot Shot to Be Cash
Some of Cheyanna's foals