Underwood Farms
Marion Bernstein-Underwood and Mike Underwood
4477 S. Williams Road
St. Johns, Michigan  48879

(800) 942-3438 or (989) 224-9227 - phone & fax

Due to excessive junk faxes, we are no longer keeping the fax turned on.  
Please call before faxing so that we may turn the fax machine on!
Welcome to Underwood Farms
Mike and Marion Underwood own Underwood Farms, located in
St. Johns Michigan, approximately 15 miles north of Lansing, the
State Capitol.  
We enjoy rural life and working with the animals.  We have
approximately 150 Goats and Pinto Hair Sheep, 20 Miniature Horses,
20 dogs along with many other critters.   
We take great pride in our stock and hope you will too.  
We welcome any inquiries.  Please feel free to e-mail or contact us

We Specialize in...
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Miniature Zebu Cattle