We breed Nubian goats correct to type while selecting only the "moon spot" (also known
as "moonspot") pattern in both red base and the ever popular black base.
The Nubian Goats of Underwood Farms

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Two doelings
Black based moon spot doeling
Prices range from $250 to $350 each, depending on the degree of moon spots.  

PLEASE NOTE :  I always sell out of well marked moon spot kids every year and require a 50%
deposit to hold Nubians when I accept your order.  The deposit is non-refundable unless I am
unable to provide well-marked kids at the higher price (sometimes the moon spots are not
extensive over the whole body).  If this is the case, you have the option of a refund or taking a
kid with fewer spots at a lower price.  

You can choose to pick up kids at two weeks old for bottle feeding, or leave them on the mother
for natural weaning.

Kids are usually available from April until July.
Pinto moon spot
Solid moon spot & Pinto moon spot
We have both solid moon spot and pinto moon
One pinto moon spot with a little pinto and one moon
spot with a lot of pinto.