"Sonet" is our junior Stallion.  We purchased him as a baby from Hyland Farm.  As a weanling, you could tell he was special and he
exceeded our expectations and really bloomed into an incredible yearling!   We are very excited about our mini-Appaloosa Program.  
We feel that Sonet will compliment our breeding program or yours.  Sonet is absolutely refined, with a mile long neck, long straight legs
and a small Arabian head... with Appy color to top it off!
(2003) AMHA
Hylands Little Sparky x Hylands Amber

Deep red and white pintaloosa colt, TWO BLUE EYES, you can see that the white color on his rump is really an appy blanket.  He will be
a show stopper for sure with his long neck, chiseled head and blue eyes.  He has tons of leg and will mature a good height for driving
with a 7 3/4 cannon bone measurement.  He is stallion/show quality and should also be a good color producer for an added bonus.  
Correct legs, bite and is very friendly.  He loves a good scratch!  He is a 3/4 brother to Hylands Sonet also on the SOLD pages.
(2003) AMHA / AMHR
Scott Creek Tattoo x Everdream Farms Glory Bee

This filly is out of our Reserve National producing mare and by Tattoo. She is exceptional quality and so typical of what Bee produces.
She is a lovely silver bay color and will stand out in the show ring. She will be hard to beat, and will be competitive at the upper levels.
Should mature at 32-33" and will be a good height for driving. Correct bite and legs. UPDATE:  Princess will be shown this show season
by Snowberry farm, we are very excited about letting this girl reach her full potential.  Thank You Jim and Becky McKeith!  I know she
will make us proud!
(2000) AMHA

Lovely Pinto Filly, with a nice personality.  Will be an awesome Broodmare and an asset to anyone's herd. Should mature under 31".
(1999) AMHA / AMHR 33"
Westwinds Elite Banner x Westwinds Nutter Butter

The picture doesn't do justice to this pretty Mare.  "Alley's" Dam is Westwinds Nutter Butter and is sired by National Top 10 Driving
Champion Westwinds Elite Banner.   Alley has a beautiful trot, long high set neck and a sweet disposition.  She also has a buckskin
background.  Alley's ears are buckskin and she has a light dorsal stripe.
(1999) AMHA / AMHR 33"
Reynolds Lighting x Indian Creeks Summer Breeze

"Rosey's" Sire is Reynolds Lighting and her Dam is Indian Creeks Summer Breeze.  Rosey has a very long neck, a pretty head and flashy
color.  Her pedigree is strong in driving horses and she has a lot of trot.  She would make a very nice driving horse or Broodmare!
Tinker Toys Sundance Copy x Westwinds Page Two

"Streaker" is a beautiful brown and white Pinto filly out of Sire Tinker Toys Sundance Copy (31 inches), Dam Westwinds Page Two (30
inches).  Refined with a pretty head and neck, and a spectacular   pedigree.  Streaker and Stormy are the best of buddies and would
love to go to the same home together!  (ask about a package special)  Streaker would make a wonderful future Broodmare or show
Tinker Toys Sundance Copy x Kateland's Lettie

Sweet and lovable, this Filly wins the friendly foal of the year award for 2001 on our farm.  This little girl wants to be with you 24 / 7.  
This one will be hard to sell, but my husband says I must -- so here she is!   "Stormy" is a Sorrel and white Pinto, very correct with straight
legs and a pretty head.  Her Dam is Kateland's Lettie (29.5 inches) and Sire is Tinker Toys Sundance Copy (31 inches).If this one stays
long, I won't let her leave.  
(1996) AMHA / AMHR 29"

"Twister" is a wonderful dark brown and white Pinto Mare who has produced black and white Foals.  She has a wonderful disposition
and is a joy to have on our farm.
(1989) AMHA / AMHR

"Scout" is our senior stallion.   As a foal, Scout was black and white and has since turned gray, but you can see his Pinto markings
when he's clipped.  We are excited about Scout and what he will do for our herd.  He has long straight legs, long hooky neck, pretty
head and can he trot!   He is an absolute horse in miniature!  Scout has done very well in the show ring and is a Multiple Grand
Champion.  Scout has also produced a National Top 10 Halter Champion as well as many other show winners.  Scout also produces a
lot of color which is always a plus!
(2001) AMHA / AMHR
Fallen Ash Scouts Irish Fable x Misty Rose Maria

"Rally" is a black and white Pinto filly out of a National Top 10 "L and D Scout" son, "Fallen Ash Scouts Irish Fable" who is a full
brother to Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Irish Luck. This filly has it all!  Color, refinement and a hooky neck to boot!  Will be small.   Both
sire and dam are black and white.
(2002) AMHA Palamino Filly
Hylands Little Sparkey x Hylands Amber

This filly is absolutely SHOW QUALITY.  This filly was born golden but has bleached out over the summer.  I'm not sure what
shade she will end up.  I would like to see this filly in the show ring, where she belongs.  This filly has an incredible head and
neck. Please see her Dam on our Broodmare Pages.
(1993) AMHA 29.5"
Bond Little Big Shot x Mustardseed Ramundos Nikki

"Lettie" is an absolutely dynamite bond bred, sorrel / silver bay mare. She has a bright flaxen mane and tail, Arabian head and a
showy attitude.  This mare has always produced something special and is a fabulous broodmare, often producing Pintos.
(2002) AMHA / AMHR
Grosshills Stepping Out x R & S Sunrise Mystic Dawn

This colt is heavily Appaloosa bred, and 50% Falabella!  Appaloosa on both sides of his pedigree, including his Sire and Dam.   He
should produce lots of color and might color out himself as he gets older.   His Sire, Grosshills Steppin Out, is a loud, black, blanket
Appaloosa, who is a son of Grosshills Comofin, an Appaloosa Falabella imported from Argentina.  He is very sweet, and friendly, and
should do very well in the showring.  Straight legs, and perfect bite, should mature 32-33".  
(2003) AMHA / AMHR
Scott Creek Tattoo x Misty Rose Maria

Black and white pintaloosa colt, with one blue eye.  I can't say enough about this colt.  He is spectacular!  Lots of presence and a
Napoleon trot and grandson.  Correct bite and legs.  I think this guy will win the friendly foal award for 2003, he loves people!  A show
home a must for this little guy. Should mature at 30-32in.  Both Sire and Dam are black and white.  Maternal half sister to
Underwood's Rally. This colt has been lab tested HOMOZYGOUS for tobiano!!!!!
(1994) AMHA / AMHR 30.5"
Feather Ridges Comanche Duke x Iles Pale Dove

I never get tired of looking at this beautiful black mare.   "Feather" has an Appaloosa background.  She has Iles and the great Shadow
Oak's Cock Robin in her pedigree.  If you look closely, her summer coat has a snowflake pattern.  Sometimes I wish she were a stallion,
she is just that nice!   Did I mention she can trot too?
(2000) AMHA
Westwind Sundowner x Westwind Peppermint Pattie

"Dream" is chocolate / smutty buckskin in color (the inside of her ears are light buckskin and she has a dorsal  stripe).  This tiny little
mare is an absolute doll.  She is very refined and took 2nd place in a large class at a local fun show her first time in the show ring.  
"Dream" will join our broodmare band as a 3 year old and will produce awesome show quality foals.
(2003) AMHA
Toyland Tinker Boy x Sweetwater Speckles And Freckles

Chestnut appaloosa filly sired by Toyland Tinker Boy and out of a beautiful Appaloosa mare. "Belle" is heavily appaloosa bred on
both sides of her pedigree. She, has a beautiful Arabian head and is ultra refined. Very correct in every way and show quality.  She
is a bold filly and loves attention. Should color out to look exactly like her Dam, a loud leopard!  We look forward to watching her
mature, and seeing spots before our eyes.
(2000)  AMHA / AMHR
Willowbrooks Mr. Boogie x Crescents Sparkeys Rising Star

Pictured as a yearling (doing a sidepass away from the camera), you can't get much louder than this!  "Kaylee" has Crescents and
the well-known Willowbrook Farms Sir Lancelot in her pedigree.  Kaylee is refined with a baby doll head.
(2000) AMHA / AMHR
Willowbrooks Mr. Boggie x Hylands Star Uno

"Kaiya" is a beautiful Pintaloosa filly.  Kaiya has Cresents and the well-known Willowbook Farms Sir Lancelot in her pedigree.  She
has a small, refined little head, and a lovely disposition.  We are excited about the show quality foals that Kaiya will produce for our
Appaloosa breeding program.  She also has one blue eye.
(2003) AMHA / AMHR
Scott Creek Mystic Scout Me Out (by Brewers Orion Mystic) x Pences Little Spot  

"Shadow" is a true black and white tovero, with two blue eyes.  She is a Brewers Orion Mystic granddaughter and is Scott Creek
Bred on the top side of her Pedigree.  Out of one of Windhaven Farms best producing mares.  What a great little girl she is, with the
best temperament and conformation, all in one gorgeous package!  She will be bred to Scott Creek Tattoo when she is of age.  We
are expecting great things from this filly.
(1998) AMHA 29.75"
Sun Valleys Whirlwind x Luckys Little Peach

"Punky" is a wonderful little mare.  She has Castle Grove, Ohios and Stouts breeding.  She is HOMOZYGOUS for the tobiano gene
and has correct tiny pinto foals.  She has a very sweet personality and is a joy to have on our farm.  We look forward to crossing
her with our appy stallions for some LOUD colored, quality pintaloosas.  Punky  has been bred to Scott Creek Tattoo for a 2005 foal.
(1988) AMHA 30"
Komokos Little Mac x Hobby Horses Black Satin

"Munchkin" is a very classic mare.  She has produced two incredible show winning colts, the famous Ima Buckeroo Two (National
Top Ten and Regional Champion), and Alvadars Double Dare.  This mare has been laid off as a broodmare, but is now back to work!
 Munchkin has been bred to Scott Creek Tattoo for a 2005 foal.
(2002) AMHA
Heritage Cocoa Warbuck x Shadow Oaks Freckles

This filly is heavily Appaloosa bred.  "Mo" is sired by Shadow Oaks Freckles, who is a well-known producer of beautiful color as well as
show winning horses.  She has the refinement, long neck and beautiful head needed to succeed in the show ring today.   We are proud
to have this filly in our Appaloosa program.    She is beautiful and show quality, with an exceptional head,neck and refinement.  She is
getting bigger then we had hoped and is currently 32 1/2 to 33in as a yearling.  If you like to show the AMHR circuit, she will be
awesome.  She is a Shadow Oaks Freckles daughter and will be an asset to any appaloosa breeding program.  You may even get lucky
and she might stay under 34.   Correct bite and legs.
(1996) AMHA / AMHR 34"
Toylands Little Sombrero x Rehs Playmate Design

"Misty" is a gorgeous black Appaloosa mare.  She has white lacing or snowflakes all over her back.  Misty is 50% Falabella and is sired by
Toylands Little Sombrero (son of Toylands Zodiac), a loud leopard Falabella stallion, who was exported to England.  Misty always
produces beautiful foals.
(2000) AMHA 32"
OHS Summer Sun x Sheridans Little Tina

Beautiful True Black and White mare. "Susie" was purchased to cross with Scott Creek Tattoo for an awesome black and white halter,
driving machine.  She is a correct mare with a pretty head and awesome movement!   Straight legs and a correct bite. I am reluctantly
putting her on my sales list in order to reduce our heard and focus on our appy program. She is just entering the
start of her broodmare years and I know she will have beautiful show quality foals!