The Hair Sheep of Underwood Farms

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See more photos of our Hair Sheep
Here is a group of lambs with a sub-pattern often called "Zulu" in the hair sheep.  The boar goats also have this pattern.  
This pattern is desirable in the hot tropics, like Africa, where a white body repels the hot sun but the dark pigment on the
head and neck will protect the lips and eye lids from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.
These are young adult rams from my line.  They have the wide curl that many people want, in addition to the color.   For horn
genetics I have both the Ho+gene (horns in both males and females) and the Ho(hl) gene (horns in males only).  I do not have
the modifier scur gene Sc in my flock and none of my sheep carry the polled gene Ho (p) either.
Here are some shots of the ewe flock.  I keep between 30 and 50 ewes, all of good color, so I can supply large numbers of
lambs so buyers can get unrelated stock but still from the same good color producing line and get enough to justify
transport costs.